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How to Fix “Upload-Failed to Write File to Disk” Error in WordPress.

Upload-Failed to write file to disk

Is your WordPress site showing ‘Upload-Failed to write file to disk’ error while you are uploading files in WordPress? Then do not be frustrated with some very easy steps you can get rid out of this problem. but before knowing the solution determining the core reason for the error is a must. 


  • What Are the Causes that Failed To Write File To Disk Error in WordPress?

Out of many reasons, the most occurred reason is incorrect folder permissions.

Every folder, as well as the file, requires some sort of permissions. Based on these permissions, your sever gets access to all the folders and files. If these permissions do not handle correctly you will lose the power of control and ability to access over the folders and files. Editing the folder adding files will not be possible by you. In case of uploading files from the WordPress admin section or uploading images, the error will notify possibly by any of the following text 


  • WordPress has failed to upload due to an error failed to write file to disk
  • WordPress failed to write to disk
  • Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2016/03. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

If you get any of these notifications then just be sure your WordPress is affected by Failed to write file to disk error.


  • Fixing the Error Upload Failed to Write to Disk in WordPress

Fixing this issue requires the use of an FTP client. And as you know you need to make a connection between your WordPress site and FTP client. After making the connection if you click right on the folder of wp-content you will have some option. But you need to go with file permissions

A dialogue box will appear with the file permissions option of the group, owner, and public. There will be a blank box numeric value you need to put 755 in the box. Now you have to check the box located just next to recurse into subdirectories

At the end press the option ’Apply to directories only’ and also the OK button.

Upload-Failed to write file to disk


Now the FTP client will start its main job which is fixing the folder permissions to 755. It will apply to all the folder of wp-content even the image stored folders are also included.

Upload-Failed to write file to disk


You should also confirm that each file and folder has correct permission.

To go to the file permissions option you need to repeat the click on the wp-content folder.

At the numeric value box put 644 and again see the box situated next to recurse into subdirectories.

Lastly, go with the option ’Apply to files only’ and press OK so you can continue forward. Like previously now 644 will arrange file the permissions for the entire content folder.

Now go to your WordPress website and try to upload files and edit folders. The error possibly not existing anymore. If the still the error is troubling your site makes the temporary files directory empty with the help of WordPress hosting provider. 

Sometimes the FTP client hardly gets access because the temporary file directory full or poorly configured and located on the server. In this making empty the temporary file directory is the easiest way to get over the error you are struggling called Failed to write file to disk.

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