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How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death Step by Step

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

If you seeing a blank white screen without getting any error message then you are having the WordPress White Screen of Death error.  This error usually makes people puzzled. In the case of this error, you will not get any clue where to look at. Sometimes it will not take place all over the site but in some certain parts. To get over with this frustrating error here we are presenting the solution step by step. Before entering into the solution, it is very important to know the root of the problem.

Do you know why are you having the WordPress White Screen of Death error?

Usually when any of the inputted scripts consume the space of memory and beat the limit the white screen of death displays. WordPress hosting kills the script this is the reason a blank white screen appears. If the installed theme or plugin faults coding then this issue may also raise. Even web hosting may some problems this can be one of the causes of seeing a white screen of death.

Do other sites show the same error?

You should check the other sites which are sharing the same hosting account. If the sites are having the same error then the problem is in hosting service. You should contact the support team for help in fixing this issue. If it is not displaying on the other sites then the specific site needs some troubleshooting to fix it.

WordPress Recovery Mode Can Fix White Screen Error 

  • Updated WordPress 5.2 can detect errors instantly. This feature will certainly notify you by an email where to look at to fix the error. 
  • The subject address of the email would be ‘Your Site is Having a Technical Issue’ and will lead you to the fault. Sometimes The email may contain some special link. This link will make you log in to the WordPress Recovery Mode. So, you can deactivate the problematic theme or plugin.
  • But if you are having the White Screen Error without any emails and there is no recovery option then the problem requires to be solved manually.

By Enhancing the Memory Limit

  • Exhausted memory limit due to a script is one of the primary causes of white screen error. By increasing the PHP memory limit will let the script function properly. For the solution of enhancing memory limit, we have proper guideline which you may have in (wp error 9) 

Disabling All Plugins

  • Despite having high PHP memory (such as 256M or 512M) if the white screen of death error is still showing then the problem is slightly complex. The error must be existing in the theme or the plugin. since we do not know which one has the problem disabling all of the plugins should be the first step. 
  • For that, you must have access to the WordPress admin area. Then follow the instructions Plugins » Installed Plugins page » Bulk Actions » Deactivate.
  • If you are facing difficulties in getting access to the WordPress admin area then FTP is also a good option.
  • You need to connect the FTP client with the WordPress website. Go to the plugin folder under the wp-content folder. To deactivate the plugins FTP client uses the technique of remaining them. You can rename by clicking right on the plugins folder. 
  • To load all plugins WordPress search by name plugins. If the search does not find a match all the plugins will be deactivated by WordPress.
  • If the white screen of death disappears After the deactivation of the plugins certainly the error was in one of the plugins. To detect the problematic plugin, install one by one of each plugin. When you will get that one corrupt plugin report to authority and go for an alternative plugin.
  • Replacement of Theme with a Default Theme
  • If the problem is not with plugin then there is a high possibility that the problem is in theme. So, the replacement of the theme with the default one is a good idea.
  • For that having a connection between the website and FTP client is a must. Then visit the folder where all themes are existing.
  • You can download the theme which you are about to uninstall for backup.
  • Now delete the current theme with the help of the FTP client by clicking right on the folder. 
  • To use the default theme, you need to have one like (Twenty Eighteen or Twenty Nineteen). If you have a default theme then install it and let your WordPress site work automatically.
  • But if the default theme is not available for instant use then you got to use FTP again and install it.
  • If the problem disappears then go to the
  • theme’s functions.php file and have is there an extra space or not. If there is any space you got to remove them for better results.
  • If the theme’s functions.php file is having poor code then this could be also a reason for the error.
  • To remove the problem from the theme you need to install a fresh copy.

Enable Debug Mode Helps to Catch Errors in WordPress

  • Debugging is applied when no other way gives the expected results. By debugging you can see what kind of error is hampering the system.
  • To turn on debugging you need to add a code in the wp-config.php file and the code is:
  • define( 'WP_DEBUG', true);
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
  • After the input of this code, the white screen will show notice, error, warning so you can go in the right direction of solving the issue.
  • If the error is still not displaying then you should visit the debug log. For that, you need to go to the wp-content folder to get a new debug.log file. The file may have all the notices, warnings, and errors.

Clear WordPress Cache

  • The white screen of death error can be the result of a caching plugin. If you can go to the backend but the front end is showing a white screen of death then cleaning the caches is the easiest solution.

Fixing Longer Articles

  • If the issue is displaying only on a certain page or in a long post then you got to enhance the PHP’s text processing capability. The capability will be increased if the backtrack limit and recursion also increased. In this, the following code may help all you need to paste the code in the wp-config.php file.
  • /** Trick for long posts */
  • WordPress white screen of death is a very common and frustrating error because most of the time it hardly indicates the root of the problem. In the above of the article, all the possible causes along with solutions have been presented step by step. So, the users especially the beginners do not have any difficulty in fixing the error.
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