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Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress

Is your WordPress site displaying ’Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance’? then you are having some maintenance error in your WordPress which requires to be fixed.  When the updating procedure of your WordPress site remains unfinished then your WordPress goes in maintenance mode. Let’s know the causes, How to Fix Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress. 

What are The Reasons for WordPress Maintenance Mode Error?

When the ’Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance’? appears on the screen it is only the notification on a page. In the process of updating some necessary files also get updated and extracted too in the server. If one of the files gets stuck and can not finish the installation of the file then the maintenance mode page displays the notification and also built up a temporary .maintenance file. If the interruption in updating is minor then the notification will disappear within a few seconds and the .maintanance file will be also deleted by default.

Sometimes the interruption period lasts long due to memory shortage or slow server response and so on. As a result update script goes timeout within the interruption period and the .maintenance file remains in the WordPress root folder and you get a notification ’Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance’? And this temporary notification turns into an error. This error needs some manual steps to fix it.

How to Fix WordPress Maintenance Mode Error?

The notification comes from the .maintenance file and turns into an error if the file does not delete automatically so you need to delete the .maintenance file. To delete the file, you will need to take the help of the FTP client because the .maintenance file usually exists in the root folder. If after Visiting the WordPress root directory no such file gets found then the FTP client requires to be checked to get the hidden files. To display the hidden files, you need to go to the menu bar then the server presses the force showing hidden files option. If this using FTP client seems complex then the alternative is also here. If you have access to the WordPress hosting control panel as well as in the file manager then go to the file manager and delete the .maintenance file. 

How to Avoid WordPress Maintenance Mode in the Future?

The error mostly occurs due to a shortage of storage and slow server response so you should work on both of the points not to last the temporary notification long. A higher hosting plan can be a good start. WordPress requires to update whether theme or plugin so the tasks should be done patiently at a time. 

How to Customize Maintenance Mode Notification

The best way to ignore the error is by putting the website on maintenance mode in advance while you are about to update the theme or plugin. To activate the maintenance mode in advance SeeProd plugin can help you. Let’s active maintenance mode in the SeeProd plugin at first go with Settings then the Coming Soon Pro page. A box is supposed to be there next to the ’Enable maintenance mode’ option point on the box. The option you need to press is ‘Edit Coming Soon/Maintenance Page’. Then you will get to choose the SeeProd theme customizer so you can build an amazing maintenance mode page. If you are not interested in installing the plugin for the maintenance mode page. Then there is an alternative option too.  At first, build a maintenance.php file and paste the following code in the file.

<?php $protocol = $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"];
if ( 'HTTP/1.1' != $protocol &amp;&amp; 'HTTP/1.0' != $protocol )
$protocol = 'HTTP/1.0';
header( "$protocol 503 Service Unavailable", true, 503 );
header( 'Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8' ); ?>
<h1>We are updating the site, please check back in 30 minutes.</h1>
<?php die(); ?>

Now save and upload it on the wp-content directory. During the process of updating plugin and theme, This file will display ’We are updating the site, please check back in 30 minutes’. If you can design the page according to your own with the help of CSS.

Troubleshooting WordPress Maintenance Mode Error

In the above, all most all the easy and satisfactory solution of Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress has been discussed. If none of them hardly work for you here are some other steps toward the solution. If WordPress displays the maintenance mode page even after clearing all the updates then you need to change the location of the wp-activate.php file. Shift the wp-activate.php file to the location of the .maintenance file. To open the file you can take the help of an FTP client or can use the hosting company’s file manager. There you will get a code like

 define ('WP_INSTALLING', true)

And your job is to change the word ’true’ to ’false’. Exactly like this

define ('WP_INSTALLING', false)

After saving the changes your file is ready to upload on the server. If using the FTP client then use it to upload or if you prefer then you just save it and the maintenance mode page will disappear. Sometimes website gets broken even after fixing the Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error. The possible reason could be that the interrupted files are having some issues which are required to be fixed. If the error while updating core software then the software is needed to update manually with the help of an FTP client. If the error takes place during updating plugin then after having the backup of plugins deactivated all of them by using FTP client. When you will reactivate the plugins one by one the corrupt plugin can be determined. In this article, you will all the means of fixing Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance Error in WordPress. If you liked this article, then please visit our WordPress Theme

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