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How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

When the user goes for a post to the site and the shows 404 pages is not found then undoubtedly there is some sort of error. In this article, we will show you How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

Mostly the reason could be the permalink settings in WordPress. This silly is enough to interrupt access to the website. But in this error, you can get into the admin area, main blog’s page but can not access in any post rather the page will show 404 Not found. This type of error does not cause any harm to the post. The post will remain safe. If the .htaccess file removed or deleted somehow or the rewrite rules went incorrect then this 404 Not found page appear.


Firstly, you need to go to the permalink option which is in settings (Settings » Permalinks), and click the ’Save Changes’. This way you can not only update the permalinks settings but also awash rewrite rules. Mostly this is enough to fix the WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error. 

How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

If still, the error is showing then .htaccess file requires updating manually. 

To update the .htaccess file you need to log in to serve by browsing FTP. The .htaccess file will be found at the folder where wp-includes and wp-content are existing. If you change the permission to 666 then the file can be writeable temporarily. Then place the authentic solution and make sure the permissions get back change to 660. To update manually the code can be added the in .htaccess file












# BEGIN WordPress

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

RewriteEngine On

RewriteBase /

RewriteRule ^index\.php$ – [L]

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

RewriteRule . /index.php [L]


# END WordPress


Fix for Local Servers

the web developer downloads WordPress for testing purposes usually from the local server. If the users want browse permalink then they have to ensure rewrite_module in the Apache configuration of Their WAMP, MAMP, or XXAMP.

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How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress

How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress

When code snippets are used in WordPress and something got missed unintentionally or put wrong code then the incorrect syntax will occur. The error will be presented in PHP parse error like the following 

Parse error- syntax error, unexpected $end in /public_html/site1/wp-content/themes/my-theme/functions.php on line 278

This error message refers to the error which is existing the code. This will also indicate the location of the error.

This error will be fixed after the correction of syntax. Let’s see the possible ways of fixing the error

Syntax error in WordPress

  • Use Syntax Accurately to Avoid Errors

The syntax error may cause due to very silly reasons such as by missing bracket, comma, and so on but the impact of this mistake is quite crucial.

So the user needs to paste snippet very consciously and should keep updated the plugin.


  • Fixing the Syntax Error Using FTP

This error is usually caused by mistakes in coding so the correction of the mistake is a must to fix it. 

Or removing the error (if it does not make any huge difference) would be also a good option. The user got tensed a single tiny mistake is enough to break the whole script even the user can not access it. 

If the user has pasted the code from the Editor section of Appearance which belongs to the WordPress dashboard then, unfortunately, the user will be locked out. Now a very common question may arise that how to edit the code?! The user can edit this by using FTP.

The user needs to install the FTP program so it could be connected to the website and the file can be edited. The error code will indicate the exact location in the file that requires editing. 

Another way is the removal of the code. After the removal or editing, the should be saved or the user can also upload it to serve. Now your WordPress website is ready to run again.


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How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error

How to Fix Internal Server Error?

”Internal Server Error” or we can say ”500 Internal Server Error” is a very confusing error. It appears usually when the server fails to identify the problem. So the user can not get any instruction of solving the problem in the error message. 

Here we are presenting every possible way of solving this type of error.


  • Checking for Corrupt .htaccess File

Checking the corrupted .htaccess file by renaming the main .htaccess file. The user then required to access his/her site by using the FTP or File Manager app in the user’s hosting account’s cPanel dashboard. 

Editing .htaccess file in WordPress

After connection the. htaccess file will be at the directory where the folders are located like wp-content, wp-includes and wp-admin.

After renaming the .htaccess file the user needs to check whether the problem has solved or not. If it has done then you need to save the changes you have made for fixing this error. So go to the Permalinks page (situated in Settings ) in the WordPress admin section where you may have the save button to preserve the new .htaccess file. This new file is enriched with rewrite rules. It will keep safe the post pages from 404 error.


If the way of Checking for Corrupt .htaccess File does not work then you need to follow the next method.


  • Enhancing the PHP Memory Limit 

Internal server error takes place when the user’s PHP memory runs out of its limit. 

If the user faces the internal server error only in time of login to the WordPress admin or in posting pictures in the user’s wp-admin then the problem can be solved by increasing the memory limit.

For increasing the memory limit the following ways can help

  1. A blank text file named php.ini is needed.
  2. Done the copy-paste code: memory=64MB.
  3. Need to save the file
  4. Lastly, the user needs to upload the file into wp-admin or folder using FTP.


After visiting many reviews some of them have calmed this procedure causes a few problems on the admin side.


Increasing the memory limit can sort out the internal server problem temporarily. but for a permanent result finding the exact reason for the exhaustion of memory limit is also important.


The cause could be improperly coded plugins. The theme function can also a vital reason for such error. For certain identification consulting with WordPress web hosting company is highly recommended. So they can check the server logs and spot the exact diagnostics.


When Increasing the PHP memory limit fails to fix the error then the user needs to go the next steps. 


  • Deactivate all Plugins 

If the error caused because of plugins then all the effort of trying the above solution will not work. It could any specific plugin or a mismatch combination of plugins.

There is hardly any other way to fix this error but to deactivate all the plugins.

After deactivation of all the plugins if the problem solved then certainly it was one of the plugins.

it is time finding out the problematic plugin by reactivating the plugins. For that, the user will enter the WordPress admin section where the option ’Plugins’ is situated. Now keep reactivating the plugins one by one until having the problematic one. After getting the plugin to deactivate it permanently and report to the author.

Deactivate all WordPress plugins

  • Re-uploading Core File

Download WordPress

If the plugins are not the reason for causing the error then re-upload the fresh wp-includes folder and wp-admin from WordPress install. If any of the files in the folders found corrupted it strategy will solve the problem without harming the information.

Adopting this strategy is very easy. All you need to go to website to press the download option. This will download a zip file. After extracting the zip file you will a WordPress folder. The FTP client will help you to make a connection to your WordPress website. Next, you need to visit the root folder having wp-admin, wp-content folders, and wp-includes. Now you need to go to the WordPress folder which is in the left column.

Upload fresh WordPress files

Overwrite files

Upload the selected wp-includes and wp-admin folder. The FTP client will help to transfer the folder to the server. Then the system will offer you the option ”would you like to overwrite the files”. To enhance the flexibility choose ’Overwrite’ and ’Always use this action’. The FTP client exchanges the newer WordPress files with older copies. This step will help if the WordPress files have problem issues.


  • Contract Hosting Support Team

if none of the methods work to fix the internal server error. Here comes the last option of asking your hosting provider. The support team will check the server logs and will detect the main reason for the error. 

The beginnings who want to troubleshoot the error they can give a visit to the WordPress troubleshooting guidelines.





10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes of 2020

Real Estate WordPress theme

All most 47% of the people who look for property to buy or for rental purposes go through the website. So, if you are a broker, an agent, or run a real estate agency then having an impressive well-decorated website with all range’s property is a must. So, a website certainly can gear up your real estate business and there are plenty of good WordPress themes. Among all the countless themes best 10 real estate WordPress themes that entirely go with the user’s requirements and visitors’ satisfaction is here.


1. Listio

Real Estate WordPress theme

For making any real estate business successful you have to create the most functional, highly responsive user-friendly website with advanced searching tools and the theme Listio has been designed consisting of all of them. The framework of this theme is Bootstrap 3. It has Visual Composer so the visitors can go through the website from any device like mobile phone, desktop, IOS, tab, and so on. If the users need to visit the website, they do not need to be bothered about the type of browser it can be accessed from any browser such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and many more.

Having Google Map integration is a must for any real estate theme. In this theme customers will be able to see the property which can be their own in the future, as well as the surrounding facilities, are also visible through Google Map integration. The WPML plugin makes the theme easily customizable including the font and colors so the developer can develop the most unique website according to customer’s demand. The potential customers can shortlist the property and add them to the favorite list by using a property filter facility. For the convenience of foreign customers, multi-language support also exists.

Real Estate WordPress theme

2. Realtyspace

Real Estate WordPress theme

Finding Home will be effortless with the Realtyspace’s 700000+ active listings. A real estate theme should be beneficial to the agents and agencies of real estate business so it must contain lots of features and in this theme, you will get all of them. Its drag and drop page builder offer numerous options of property including home pages, agent profile, customizable header and so on. Inserting the demo layout is just a matter of a single click.

It attracts targeted customers by ensuring easy searching with fascinating landing pages and also by taking care of property management. The theme is designed for worldwide use. It has features of the entirely transferable text, custom area units and also custom currency. By using this theme, the user can showcase the property via any means as the user wants such by a table through a list or by providing in grid manner and for the convenience of the customers the developer can add video too.

Real Estate WordPress theme

3. Wealty

Best Real Estate WordPress theme for Grow your Real Estate & Directory Listing business. So Select your best Real Estate WordPress theme

Wealty is one of the most rated powerful WordPress themes. It is also called the brokers WordPress because of its popularity among thousands of real estate agents and brokers. Wealty has a very wide range so it includes all types, shapes and sizes websites demos for your need. This theme has a highly resourceful pre-installed content library that is consistent with all types of websites and also offers you the trendiest features so you can develop the website you are intended to.

Its advance searching tool will also complement the autocomplete feature including the suggestion list so the visitors may access the other offers available over the website. Its Yelp and GreatSchool tools are the reason for its being highly informative as well as interactive. The theme is adaptable to include the single agents, condo sales/ rental, brokers, commercial listings and additional niche markets, single luxury property listings and many more. To increase the traffic of your website the theme is exclusively SEO friendly. It single-clicks installation of demo gives the easy to use advantage.

Real Estate WordPress theme

4. Zoner


For making a successful commercial real estate website Zoner is one of the best themes. The base of this theme is Bootstrap having an 1170 grid system. Due to its high adjustability, it can adopt any version of WordPress. Its admin panel is supported by Redux Framework.

For creating unlimited pages, the highly advanced plugins have been also inserted WPBakery Page Builder and drag and drop page builder too. This theme has a specific property listing template to manage the property called the front-end property manager and there also a back-end property manager for the convenience of the customers. By this single theme, the real estate agents can create their profiles too.  This theme also comes with an Agency Invitation system to create connectivity with interested people via email.

As a fundamental feature of the real estate website it also has Google Maps as well as OpenStreetMap according to user’s map format. There some innovative trendy options that can be attractive to any customer such as listing in different formats (grid, table, masonry), GeoLocation, currency option for foreign customers, contact forms and so on.

Real Estate WordPress theme

5. Real Homes


Carrying 14500+ customers trust Real Homes handcrafted WordPress theme is going upward very rapidly. It has a fully new module for making the searching process more exciting that is” Search from over image”. A real estate website can be beneficial by having an integrated map inserted over the site and with this real estate WordPress theme has the Google map plugin which indicates specific property markers. By this feature, the customers may have the satisfaction of seeing their future home through a bird’s eye view.

A highly responsive interface is supported to this real estate WordPress templates so the website can be presented sophisticatedly to the customer’s device. Its pro version offers many customizable features with highly competent WordPress real estate plugins such as WPML plugin, WPBakery Page Builder Plugin and including Revolution Slider for outstanding slides. So now displaying property list templates will be more impressive. For making useable worldwide there is a Multilanguage setting.

Real Estate WordPress theme

6. Landmark


Landmark is a name known for the dedication mostly to its customers. Having 4 columns it has highly responsive real estate templates. It has a huge demand for its compatibility with all the top used browsers Firebox, IE11, Chrome and many more. Due to being device friendly, the users can use it any time from anywhere through mobile or desktop and it is flexible with any screen size. With its high technical searching mechanism AJAX, the customers from all over the world can see the listed properties. It is so SEO friendly that it will certainly heighten the traffic. For making the customer’s satisfaction high it also offers Maps live search facility that gives a visual display on the property.

The real estate agent can make posts in 4 different unique styles with the help of a customizable panel. Its customizable sharing option allows the integration with social media. The pre-installed WPML plugin is used for multi-language translation.

Real Estate WordPress theme

7. OpalHomes


OpalHomes refers to create the sites where you can get the most trendy, stylish houses for rent, land for sale all in a single real estate theme. The created real estate sales sites will be highly responsive in taking care of property listing portals.

The theme is emphasized on developing unique websites so there is already given 6 extraordinary demo designs for the developer’s concern. To make the outlay look like professional property websites there is an intuitive theme control panel which includes tons of fundamental options that are required for managing any theme. There is King Composer for creating the pages outstanding. This theme offers home pages in different 4 variations also gives the authority of addition, delete and edit. Installation the theme is now a matter of one click. For good management, this theme has its control panel. For maximizing the site’s performance and traffic theme have been made SEO friendly.

Real Estate WordPress theme

8. DreamVilla


To make the dreams come true of having the desired perfect home here is the single property WordPress theme DreamVilla. If your house, property, and land are available for sale or ready rent then this real estate WordPress is beneficial to you. The homepage design will articulate every detail about the displayed property to the visitors.

The design also offers the location of the property on Google map the attractions of surroundings, high-quality visualization pictures of the property, and other facilities too. To make the rental appeal simple this theme contains a contract form so the interested visitors can easily contract with you. Through this contract form, the customers can also ask questions. After making all the queries clear the customers can do booking using availability checker and also with the help of online reservation tools. To heighten the visibility in search engines blog is a great means and this theme offers individual blog templates. The premium Visual Composer page builder plugin will undoubtedly make the website outstanding.

Real Estate WordPress theme

9. Beyot


Beyot is a high-quality WordPress theme made for real estate affairs. It uses a quick one-click install demo and has many features on the topic. You will get 7 pre-built homepages and the premium WPBakery Page Builder for free. Beyot is made as an online business market to look around and shop for hours. It uses several listing views and Google suggestions. Headers and footers are very malleable. Beyot is interested in good business-client relationships. Thus, it gives you many social network share icons and uses a free subscription and login.

It also provides several electronic payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, and wire transfer. Beyot is great for businesses that handle deliveries. It has potent search filters integrated with geolocation settings. Get distracted by its built-in awesome customizable MegaMenu. Boyet comes with unlimited colors, sidebars, and cool scrolling. You will get RTL and translation support with .po and .mo files as well. It has particular add-ons like a mortgage calculator and agent lists. You will also get lots of options to find places in different featured maps. This makes being Retina-ready a very relevant thing. Sign up now and get lifetime updates and a great support forum. Use Beyot!

Real Estate WordPress theme


10. Divi Real Estate

divi real estate

The real estate websites have to be highly responsive with sophisticated standard and Divi real estate WordPress theme has been designed for creating new standards with its advanced features. With its 18+ pre-installed website designs it can impress any visitor. Due to being device friendly, the customers can access the website from any laptop, computer, smartphone, tablet. To make browsing comfortable to the users this theme is Retina ready. By utilizing intuitive visual controls, you can customize pages according to the requirements with instant results.

The Custom Control makes the process of combining with Divi’s visual design effortless. Divi is enriched with resources of tons of design options and hundreds of unique page elements to appreciate the creativity of the web developer. This theme has another amazing feature called Inline Text Editing with this feature you can start typing just by one click and see the outcome instantly. The customized designs can be re-used as same or in a new appearance by saving and managing the designs. Divi is not just a website builder it is a medium of expressing your property offers to the visitors by using the best possible way.

Real Estate WordPress theme


Warping up

In this busy era searching the perfect home especially based own on the terms conditions is all most next to impossible unless you get the link of the best website. Here is the list of top-rated themes of real estate WordPress and all of them have elegant designs to create websites establishing good impression over visitors and enriched with resources that are required for the real estate agent’s or agency’s website to fulfill the desires that a person has for his/her future dream home.

Best E-commerce themes

10 Best Business WordPress themes


10 must use wordpress plugins for your websites

To make the most out of this tool, in this week’s blog article Thmefie lists the 10 essential WordPress Plugins for professional website management. These free WordPress Plugins, free and paid options will add functionality to your site and make your life in the world wide web easier.


1. Elementor Page Builder (Freemium)

wordpress plugins

This WordPress plugin helps you to create website designs and layouts (text, photo) without using code. It is more intuitive and even more easy to use than the WordPress editor. The development of a website has never been easier. Elementor Page Builder is the most effective and easy-to-use WordPress page builder Plugins on the market today. Elementor also has lots of themes to choose from.

2. Yoast SEO (Freemium)

Indeed, no doubt, search engines are the major source of traffic for every website. Search Engine Optimization has become a mandatory part as internet users are increasing rapidly all over the world. Luckily, there is a great plugin like Yoast SEO for WordPress users.

Yoast SEO is a splendid plugin which guides you to create quality content and improve your place in search results. It focuses on creating the content which is useful to the users as well as technically SEO friendly. The target is to help the users, gain faith, and sustain the rankings which they call sustainable SEO. Firstly, it makes you select a focus keyword and use the keyword suitably in the article you are writing. Page analysis feature checks if you have used the focus keyword everywhere on the image alt tags, meta description, headings, and the whole post. Besides, it suggests you to properly set up the text and images for better usability and visibility for search engines.

Moreover, it helps you improve the way your page/ article looks on the search results with snippet preview. Creating appropriate headlines and catchy Meta descriptions can greatly upsurge the click-through rates for your site.  It has recently added the Readability feature which helps you to create a simple and understandable content for your readers.


3. Jetpack (Freemium)

wordpress plugins

An awesome plugin from the magnificent team behind the WordPress software itself (Automattic). Jetpack in other words is a compulsory plugin for all WordPress websites. According to its name, it offers a lump of tremendous features for your website to grab the pace and give it a boastful success up at height.

It’s features enhanced distribution which automatically shares your published content to third-party services like search engines and helps to increase your reach and traffic. Additionally, it creates sitemaps so that search engines can easily index your site.

Most of all, it protects your website security by preventing brute force attacks. It will monitor your site every 5 minutes to see if it’s still active and available.


4. Google XML Sitemaps (FREE)

wordpress plugins

Google XML Sitemaps is another very useful SEO plugin for WordPress. This plugin helps the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. to better index your site with a different XML sitemap. It creates a dynamic sitemap of WordPress blog which is compatible with any search engine.

As you start the plugin, it will automatically generate an XML sitemap backend for your site making it easy to index. A sitemap enables the search engine bots to view the complete structure of your website and retrieve the results more efficiently.

The plugin notifies all the major search engines every time you change something on your site. To make the most of the sitemap, you should point one link from your footer to your sitemap page this ensures the proper indexing of all your links.

5.  WooCommerce (Freemium)

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress E-Commerce Plugin and used by over 4 million websites. It comes with all the smart features you need to create an online store to sell products and services. Over the last years, WooCommerce established itself as the most popular E-Commerce Plugin for WordPress. It has a lot of features to help you set up your personalized online store. There are extendable shipping options available, for example, free shipping, local pickups, flat rates, and much more. With WooCommerce you can checkout with several payment options, including check, cash on delivery, credit cards, and PayPal.  Read 10 Best E-Commerce  WordPress Themes.


6. Akismet (Freemium)

wordpress plugins

Akismet is again another plugin created by the people behind WordPress. Matt and his team at Automattic developed it. It is a by default plugins WordPress that comes with every core installation of WordPress. It is fundamentally an anti-spam plugin which checks all comments and filters out the junk comments.

The plugin runs a status history for each comment so that you can learn which comments were found spammy by Akismet or the moderator of it. Moderators also can view the number of permitted comments for each user, see the URLs in the comment frame, and remove the mistrustful links.

The plugin is totally free for the personal site and blogs whereas you must subscribe with few bucks to take its monthly plans for commercial sites. In addition, the premium plans provide advanced security solutions besides spam protection. Its service is very fast and prompt. It is a useful plugin to guard your WP security flawlessly. On popular websites, the number of spam comments could get as high as 85%. This means out of every 100 comments only 15 are legitimate. Comment moderation is a time-consuming task, and Akismet can save you hours.

7. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular caching plugins for WordPress. Caching is a way of storing data in order to provide that data even faster the next time it is requested by a user.

Essentially, W3 Total Cache reduces your website’s loading times. Because of the increased site speed, you’ll see a boost in your site’s search engine rankings, and perhaps even a boost in conversion rates.


8. Contact Form 7

wordpress plugins

Contact Form 7 is the most popular and free contact form plugin for WordPress. With Contact Form 7 installed on your website, users can reach you via streamlined contact forms that also have reCAPTCHA and Akismet functionality to help prevent spam.

9. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the most overrated conversion rate optimization software. It allows you to convert leaving website visitors into email subscribers. If you want to grow your email list for your company, then this is a must-have WordPress plugin. It is an online lead generation software developed in Florida, United States. It is a standalone application that integrates with web platforms, such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, etc.

10. WP Smush (Freemium)










Images are the great resources for your post/ page which easily grab the users’ attention. Uploading images helps you deliver the message much faster than simply by the text’s message written in same boring Times New Roman or Open Sans font. Perhaps attractive images make your page look nice-looking, striking and engaging.

The good news about this plugin is that you can amazingly compress images for your site to avoiding disaster to your site by making it a heavy one to load for.


1. Best E-commerce themes

2. 10 Best Business WordPress themes




10 Best Business WordPress themes -Themefie

Online business is all about saving time by providing the best service. And having a readymade website with promising features, outstanding tools that will bring extraordinary showcasing in a single theme that is all a user search for in any theme. Considering these demands and versatile businesses we have brought a list which may satisfy all type of corporate demand. The provided list has covered the theme for blogging, finance, consulting, small and large businesses, best-selling themes and also the themes that focus on only impressive designs altogether. After having this list, the users do not need to go anywhere else in search of the best Business WordPress themes because here you will have them all.


1. Uncode

If you are a businessman and looking for building a business website then Uncode is one of the best choices. This theme goes with any business because it can adapt any product that means all most every kind of product’s website can be created by this single theme. Its intuitive interface makes easy access to users. This theme articulates every detail of niches and ensures the quality of the commodities.

A WooCommerce plugin is also attached which assures pages high-quality performance. With this plugin, online transactions will be simple and effortless. This plugin is capable enough to establish an eye-catching virtual store.

In this theme, a separate business page can be built to give essential information. By taking advantage of the WPBakery page builder creating the desired has become more straightforward than before.

To draw the attention of international users the WPML plugin is another key. The multi-Purpose business site which is so hard to create now will not be tough anymore by using the WPML plugin. It has an automatic scaling option that means an amazing experience of browsing.




2. Advice 

Business hardly follows any nature it could be product-related or could be consultation related too. Advice is such a theme that is beneficial to the consultation business sites. It is specially designed to do marketing for accelerating the profit range. The most popular page builder WPBakery is useable with the features of GTmetrix-improved. Its main attraction to the user is its searching filters from SEO which makes the relation between user and advice seeker transparent. This theme provides a contract form that contains the information of potential customers means Continuing a relationship with potential customers is now easier than ever. It also allows access to social media.

Advice has a rapid responsive layout with high standards. Its built pages have features of the scroll progress bar, versatile pre-installed entities, side navigation and so on. For the header, it offers 4 different styles. It contains incredible 700+ Google Fronts for creating extraordinary layouts. It has a parallax effect which encourages modifying the videos. For attaching elegant galleries or photographs there is also a Revolution Slider plugin. With this plunging, the user may the facility of building directories to bring light on the support and services of the site.



3. X-The Theme

X is a theme that has broken all the records of WordPress theme sales with its versatile responsive features and concepts. It is considered as the fastest growing and selling theme. It is mostly popular for its 4 in 1 facility means 4 unique designs in a single theme. Its tons of attributes increase the value of the theme greatly. This theme is browser-friendly means it goes with every kind of browsers. Getting the X theme is like having a bundle of plugins in a package. There are so many plugins with high standards and completely free of cost.

The instructional documents contain a massive quantity of information to guide the user properly. There is also a support option were a full-time dedicated X theme representative team is 24/7 available to help the user by the rapid rescue of current difficulties.


4. Etalon

The entrepreneurs who run service companies and looking for a theme going with the nature of their business then nothing can be better than Etalon. It showcases incredibly what the user is offering to the customers. This powerful theme is considered as well-defined documented instrument to cope up with the competitive market. It consists of highly responsive plugins like Google Maps, Contract Form 7, Typekit and many more. Its variety of icons is more than 3000+ which is huge than any other theme. It is WooCommerce integrated and because of this feature managing the online transactions will be more transparent than before.

In the World of theme, most of the themes are customizable but this theme is not only customizable but also has last loading capability means modifying the theme according to the desired is now effortless and less time-consuming.

With Drag & Drop tool, it capable create a Bootstrap-based website. This theme also offers to access Lightbox, Slider Revolution, Google Fonts and so many.



For any business website, it is very essential to establish a professional impression. POFO comes with its trendy, stylish, eloquent and minimalistic themes. This theme is so much resourceful with its 200+ layouts and 25 demos that meet up the needs of the users does not matter in which purpose the user intent to set it up. It is very flexible and adaptable in supporting versatile designs. The users whose main goal is to create impressive websites than POFO perfectly go with them. Most of the users love to operate this theme just because it has a highly polished selected portfolio design. These layouts are not only elegant but also lightweight and eligible for fast loading.

The user can modify the theme and can create fresh and innovative pages with WPBakery Page Builder. For customizing the theme like a pro there is also a page builder WYSIWYG and to use this tool and to diversify the layout like a pro the user no need to know the coding. Establish the best impression over the customers only with POFO.


6. Kallyas

Business does not fit in any certain size or shape so following the nature of business Kallyas has introduced different layouts for numerous businesses. Even the user has various businesses he does not need to be bothered by trying several themes. As Kallyas is a multi-purpose theme one has all the features that go with all types of businesses. It is consistent with a ton of pre-installed websites. This theme is comprised of layouts that could be used in the for vineyards, in the interior design firms and much more. All the designs are ready to run. In unique styles, there are more than six dozen options but among all them, the common thing is all the themes eligible enough to establish a professional appearance.

Despite pro-style layouts, another center of attraction is its own page builder Zion which offers to utilize not only the pre-installed website designs but can customize them completely in a distinct style.


7. Financity

Financity has been specifically designed for providing the best experience of financial activities in business. The financially oriented companies’ website, accounting sites and law firm websites can take high advantages of its features. This theme is very flexible to make the proper use of its resources. This instant responsiveness is favorite to the users because of its ready to go capability. This theme comes with so many resources that have been already built into the system and all of them are very manageable for its section-wise division such as for blog there is a separate layouts section, for photos and the portfolio the layouts are also different. In the photography section uploading, the images and logos are effortless for its live customizer.

One of the major magnetic tools that draw the attractions of the top-level corporate is Revolution Slider and LightBox integration. It is also good at adding Google Font. Its endless sidebars will encourage the user to add some more. It has SEO optimization and the admin panel is highly modifiable.


8. TheGem

According to the name of the theme is TheGem is truly full of resources and it also is known as the powerhouse of tools. Its available plugins and widgets are work like of magic spell to make the usage of this theme easier to the users. It is so much resourceful in creating robust websites that it does not make a difference with the type of user’s business. In building up the most updated websites for personal as well as professional intention the user will get an experience like an expert.

This business WordPress theme design is mainly founded on module Bootstrap. This is so much user friendly that the user can operate it through mobile phones. For the online business world, its appearance is the base of its goodwill and with this theme, you will get 40+ exceptional demo websites that will offer you to showcase your products or services in a numerous manner and this will draw the attention of your targeted customers than other websites. To be connected with the customers throughout the world there is WPML to support your service.


9. Studio 8

For building an impressive business page Studio 8 is an ideal for the beginners and to the professionals too. This is very user friendly especially to the non-technical users by making the installation process easy and simple configuration. Controlling this theme is super easy because of all the flexible settings and the user will have free updates until a certain period even the user can have a long trial period of 30 days. There is also a guarantee of Refund.

It remains on the top of the user’s choice because of its adaptability it is applicable in all versions of WordPress. Its compatibility is so amazing that it is supported by any operating system, in any device, and also in the web browser. So, updating the content won’t be device limited anymore means this facility will gear up the service of your websites. Its additional feature is the 404-error page. It also has a highly dominant Drop-Down menu. Its fast loading feature certainly will utilize your time.

10. Kalium

Blogging considers another form of advertising, especially in the e-commerce business world. Kalium has extraordinary popularity of making websites for portfolio and blogging that has made it the fastest-selling WordPress theme over the market. It is incredible in content formatting with the support of the drag&drop page builder. In this theme, there is also pre-installed, WPBakery Page Builder. So, creating a website will be now a matter of a few minutes to the users. For making the website easily accessible the WPML plugin is also installed. The transferable pages can be also developed to make it user friendly and also to draw the notoriety of the users.

The shortcode is specified following the components so the users can utilize it in any page according to their needs. For detailed information about the theme, there is also exist comprehensive documentation to eradicate the information gap. Through the media of screenshots, the user can enjoy the live preview. To showcase the content there is also Revolution slider and so on.


Final words

Nowadays in the modern competitive online market, mediocre websites hardly can add value to your business. For any online business, the website is the calling card that maximizes the sell so a substandard layout can not be enough competent not even for survival in the online market. Make your website unique to gear up the proficiency and profit of your business by pick up anyone from the above list.

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Top 10 E-commerce WordPress Themes of 2020

Here presenting the most emergent themes that are being at the top of the search list in eCommerce WordPress themes in 2020. These themes are for that hunt killer who always prefers to have the best in the trial as well as in premium version so that they can create an unparalleled e-commerce store. The list has covered all types of themes that a digital store owner may wish to have.


1. Divi


eCommerce WordPress themes


Divi is mostly popular for its multi-purpose operation and extremely high customizable features. It provides 800 plus designs for instant use, advanced technology for the visual builder, responsive editing including advanced coding. The website elements are 40+ in numbers with multiple demos and for marketing purposes, efficient tools and forms are also given.

It is enriched with resources that will help the designer to build the home page more attractive than ever before. For further help, there is existing a library that includes video tutorials to show the best use of the themes.

For making it user friendly the access is given of uploading logo, choosing the color palette, determining the post number, and so on. Its language translator makes it usable in more than 30 languages.

It’s dragging and drops editor feature allows a designer to have the look after customizing how it would have appeared to the users.

Its demo version is available to use it free as well as it can be found in premium version too for the better experience.


2. Astra

eCommerce WordPress themes


Astra is one of the most popular themes for WordPress overall, not just for eCommerce stores.

The main strength of Astra’s is that it’s incredibly customizable, works with your favorite page builder (such as Elementor or Visual Composer), it’s feature-rich, delivers multiple theme options, it’s capable of serving any market or niche, and it is a fully responsive WordPress theme with Retina ready output.

The key aspect here is that Astra doesn’t provide you with just one design or homepage layout. Instead, you can import a range of starter sites based on the purpose of your website and the niche it’s going to be in.

Among these starter sites, there are designs optimized for an eCommerce website. But that’s not all. Astra also gives you a set of add-ons and custom widgets that bring even more features.

Customization-wise, you can tune-up every little aspect of your online shop design via the WordPress Live Customizer UI.


3. WoodMart


eCommerce WordPress themes

To fulfill all the demand that a modern multi-purpose online store needs WoodMart can be a good choice. This theme gives an amazing online shopping experience to the customers. A virtual store may accelerate its gears towards success by showcasing versatile products on the online store which requires a multipurpose theme that may build and manage the website, in this case, WoodMart is the best choice because it has retina-ready and cross-browser features.

There are 40+ preinstalled demo outlays with all the integral pages such as contact and team, about and also fancy header facilities. With this theme, the user can showcase 10 different types of products. To make it effortless there exists one-click power to import the demo. Its ready to go feature allows the owner of the store orders instantly and regularly.




eCommerce WordPress themes

The shopkeeper is the most effortless platform of WordPress e-commerce. This theme goes with not only a computer screen but also suitable for tablets and smartphones because of its Retina-ready with the highly responsive feature that makes shopkeeper viewing indefectible on any screen.

Its easily customizable feature makes it user friendly even to the beginner also. While designers use it, they do not need to have expertise over tough codes. Though there are several prebuilt layouts to satisfy the demands of the designers, there is also a scratch option to create the desired layout.

It also supports installing other optional plugins such as “Shopkeeper Portfolio Addon”. With the amazing plugin called WPML translation system is supported.

The option of uploading the copyright logo, changing the colors is also available. This theme contains so many customizable features that even a beginner can be irresistible.



5. XStore

eCommerce WordPress themes

For the modern online owner who prefers to have digital outlays for wholesale online selling, XStore is specially designed for them. This is precisely known for its rapid assistance. The website developed by this theme efficiently showcase all the products within some minutes. This is so much easy to execute that even a beginner can use it because it does not require the coding knowledge to operate the theme.

This theme is magnificently designed with heavily manicured demo outlays consisting of polished templates.

This ready to use feature has made it so much effortless that the user all need to do is just to give a single click on demo templates to import it and if the user wants to customize it to create a new one there is also exist WPBarkery page builder and also the Slider Revolution or the designer can go for Contact Form 7 plugins. For online commerce and commercial ventures, there are short-codes too. The foundation of XStore is HTML5 and CSS3 which makes it strong with lightweight. With this theme the user may put in animations, bold transitions can manage streaming video, and so on.





eCommerce WordPress themes

For catching an instant attention North is one of the best themes over the online market. It’s a ton of eye-catching designs, demo templates that are already built into the system for the convenience of the user. According to the desire of the customers and to grab the market with the best services this theme ensures that the website runs smoothly in all kinds of modern electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and also in mobiles.

For better user experience this theme is modified by giving highly emphasis on typography and usability. Despite providing so many demo layouts there is also the scope of customization to build new websites.

North serves up the high-quality 600+ Google fonts with endless color options. It also supports creative post format and there are so many drags and drop elements. Every page would b unique by the use of WPBakery Page Builder. It’s the premium version that serves up so many incomparable plugins such as WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Table Rate Shipping, Product Filter, Dynamic Pricing & Discounts, and so on.

7. Halena

eCommerce WordPress themes

Helena is the best choice for those who prefer minimalist designs including a ton of quality full templates. It’s simple but productive outlets articulate the best experience of online shopping. If the user wants to run the website and sell the products instantly then Helena has the most useful quick view moods. For the convenience of customers, this theme has an AJAX filtering feature which makes searching products easier.

Its demo websites are enough to give tough completion in the market and also offer product catalogs, different pages for different products, and so on. The demo designs also overture shopping cart, product display, managing customer account and lets them be updated by regular check out.

To make the pages editable WPBkery page builder is also included so the designer can create the best outlays according to the preference of the user.


8. The Hanger

 eCommerce WordPress themes


In the world of online business, the hanger is an overwhelming theme to create an online store.

The hanger is a kind of theme that understand the need of the designer at the same time also the need of the customers too. By using this single eCommerce WordPress themes on the website that will be built one can sell from a very small thing like T-shirt as well as the heavy furniture too which means various types of alternative goods can be displayed for online selling on the website. In business, more alternative products pave the way of more selling and by applying the hanger it would be easy and effortless because this theme has a ton of designs of the home page for displaying various products.

This theme is easy to handle because of its clean and minimal look so that various products can be sold and for taking new orders to expand the online business it is considered as the masterpiece.


9. Leto


eCommerce WordPress themes
Leto is one of the “get going quickly” breeds of eCommerce WordPress themes. Basically, all it takes is installing the theme, and it’s good to go.

The design is simple, modern, and does its job. This WooCommerce WordPress theme might not offer you to choose your own adventure in terms of the design, but what it has is certainly up to par.

In terms of customization, you can work on your headers and header media, adjust the basic options via the theme options panel, and build your homepage with some custom widgets. This also makes it a great theme for normal blogging. It also works well on mobile, which is always an important thing in this day and age.


10. Fey

eCommerce WordPress themes

Fey is an ideal WordPress the theme for those who desire to provide the best service of online shopping to their customers. By the striking and at a glance look makes it the best than other websites. There are 9+ modifiable demos so the user can showcase numerous products and its all demos are better than one another so all the products of the virtual store owner can draw adequate attention. For the creative designer who is receptive to customize the theme there is also a scoop of editing and to make the editing easier to the beginner no need to have the knowledge of coding.

Selling various staff is effortless due to the pre-installed page builder WpBakery. All the fundamental entities exist in this theme such as order tracking and a dropdown cart to wishlist and so on. Fey can be considered as one of the smartest eCommerce WordPress themes of 2020 because of its smooth scrolling, numerous header styles, widgets and shortcodes, and social media integration.



When a person in demand to have a versatile eCommerce WordPress themes for personal or professional purposes pick up anyone from the provided list. The handpicked themes will certainly meet up the desire of building up the most eye-catching online store over the online market.

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